Why xyzt.ai?

Leuven, 07 February 2020 – It’s been a rollercoaster of a year. A little under a year ago I founded allthingsblue.eu together with Bart. With allthingsblue we solve our customers’ pains around Diversity & Inclusion. It’s a people analytics platform that brings insights previously uncovered. To help drive equality, inclusion, and belonging in the workplace. Data-driven AI-enabled insights.

So why also xyzt.ai? Let me first explain our funny name. xyz stands for the coordinates in our 3D world to define the location of a vehicle, a person, or any asset. t stands for time, I’ll get back to that later. And ai for Artificial Intelligence.

With xyzt we help our customers gain value by extracting insights from any location data. Examples are plenty: think for example about Smart Cities and mobility. Analyzing the flow of traffic brings insights into improving infrastructure. Or people flow at events where safety and security are drivers for such analytics. Or the tracking of shipping containers. And wait until insurance companies are needing analytics on the historic movements of self-driving cars.

Bart and I have been in the location intelligence business for  +10 years and we see so many problems being unsolved and so many opportunities not being taken, simply because technology is not ready or technology is not built with the customers’ problems in minds. I will highlight 4 that drive our mission.

1.       Analytics driven insights

Traditional solutions (such as in GIS, Situational Awareness, Location Intelligence) tend to focus a lot on visualization. And that’s fine, because humans are visual. However, when you deal with location data, the data quickly becomes so vast, that we cannot rely on human intelligence alone anymore. We need to automate and use so-called self-learning algorithms such as AI and Deep Learning. With xyzt.ai it is our mission to provide analytics and insights to aid humans in optimizing processes, increase efficiency, and improve safety.

2.       Scaling to trillions

There are a number of important market and technology trends. Firstly, location tracking hardware (such as GPS, Cellular, BLE,…) has become mature and cheap over the past decade. However, software needs to catch up to deal with the billions or trillions of location data points. In the maritime domain for example, one year of coastal ship movement data for the USA piles up to multiple billions of records. Even the most advanced algorithms have problems dealing with this.

3.       Time changes everything

Imagine you know that two people have been in the same restaurant. This can be valuable information. But if you know that they were both in the same restaurant at the same time, this information becomes so much more valuable. Time changes everything. Traditional location intelligence solutions are not built with the time dimension in mind. We have built our algorithms from the ground up taking time into account.

4.       Simple. Beautiful. Effortless.

If you can solve the customers problems with good UX they will return. So that’s why we put, just like with allthingsblue, so much effort in design and User Experience. It should be effortless for our customers to work with their data and to obtain insights. Even if the data is challenging as with the big amounts of location data our customers are dealing with. This also is driven by the fact that these days anyone can be an analyst and should be able to work with our solution.

This is xyzt.ai in a nutshell. Do you want to know more about it or are you solving challenging location intelligence problems? Get in touch.

Contact: Lida.joly@xyzt.ai or https://www.linkedin.com/in/ljoly/