Slowing Down Corona Means Digital Acceleration

Leuven, Belgium, 23 March 2020 – So unexpected,  such an accelerator …. Yes, Corona will definitely be a huge accelerator for digitalisation.

Social contacts changed since digital communication platforms such as Facebook entered our lives, followed by Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok, … Digital friends, digital groups, digital birthday wishes, it all became part of our daily lives. Gen Z, millennials, and even Generation X and Y use digital to share news, updates on successes, share happiness and use it to support each other during hard times.

Some of us hate it… not personal enough, no privacy, shallow, it’s just gossip, youngsters are addicted, … Well, today we need to keep our social distancing and we rely on many of these digital communication platforms, to stay in contact with our families, to order take away food, share updates, find out what time we can best go to the supermarket to avoid huge queues, etc.

What will happen post Corona, will we keep our social distancing?  I don’t think so, it will take a while, but we will hug again, no doubt about that!  But what will change, is that this Corona nightmare will push digitalisation to a next level. New tools for healthcare to monitor the spread of viruses, new tools for enterprises to improve remote working, better systems for online shopping, and many more.

The reason why I am so focused on this … increasing digitalisation = increasing amounts of data. And huge amounts of data that is where comes in and helps to monetize those digital investments. We bridge the divide between the massive amounts of data and operational challenges by visualizing and analyzing billions of datapoints with an interactive user experience.

It’s not over yet, but things will change for the better. So unexpected, such an accelerator.

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