Provides Data Analytics Software For Free to Fight COVID-19 [Company News]

Leuven, Belgium, 23 March 2020 IMAGINE we can track in detail the spread of the Corona virus. In detail meaning by micro-location.

IMAGINE a person is diagnosed, and you can play back their past movements up to 1 meter accuracy. Where and when they went shopping. The restaurants and bars visited in the preceding days. Who was near at all those different locations?

IMAGINE all this is possible. Well, STOP IMAGINING, the data is there. We all hold a tracking device in our pockets generating billions of location data points.

IMAGINE we could make this data available to the industry to help fight the virus. But what with the software? Try to analyze a couple weeks of location data and your existing software will probably come to a grinding halt.

IMAGINE software would exist to analyze those billions of data points? Interactively, so that analysts can act quickly, without having to wait overnight for computations to finish?

STOP IMAGINING. With we have built a platform that allows visually analyzing billions of space-time data points, interactively. Without compromises, so that you don’t have to lose a night waiting for that batch process to finish.

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