Meet The Team – Mykyta Zholkovskyi, Junior Front End Developer [Interview]

Mykyta, Junior Front End Developer at

Mykyta is part of the Engineering team and is’s second official employee. Mykyta talks to us about how Linkedin networking helped him find his job at and what he has enjoyed most in his first weeks’.

Hi Mykyta. You’re three weeks in, tell us about your role at

As a Junior Front-End developer, my responsibilities are to maintain and improve the front-end part, like adding new features, fixing bugs, keep the platform simple to use, and at the same time have everything the user needs, so basically to bring the best user experience from design to functionality in the frame of vision.

It’s my third week, so at the moment I am getting to know the platform inside and out.

How did you find the job at

It’s my first job as a developer, and during the last month of my course, I put a post got contacted by Bart, we had a few good talks, but I could not imagine that would offer me a position. When it happened, It didn’t take me much time to make a decision. The tech stack was exactly what I was looking for.  Also, a startup is where you do a lot, and it means you learn a lot and much faster. Of course, this startup’s potential is huge; the impact it can make can change businesses and lives.

You are new to the Geospatial Industry, but what do you feel makes unique?

The simplicity in usage, it’s very intuitive; people from different fields, with a different set of skills, can use it. It runs on any device, and it’s very powerful and scalable. I am still learning about the other players in the market but I haven’t seen any platforms that can handle the billions of points that can in such a fluid and interactive way.

What have you enjoyed most so far?

As I said, it’s only my third week so developing mostly but I’ve enjoyed meeting the rest of the team although it’s only been via Team calls so far. I live in Antwerp and the rest of the team are near Brussels or Leuven. Lida and Bart try to keep us all connected as much as possible during the week and I look forward to our weekly walks and ice-cream when then lockdown restrictions become a little less strict.

It’s always nice to end these interviews with more about you, Mykyta. What are you passionate about outside of work?

I love to play soccer, also after I moved to Belgium I added cycling to my list of hobbies and one of the most things I love is traveling. I am looking forward to when we can travel more freely.