Announces Availability of the xyzt.traffic.insights™ Dashboard Helping Municipalities to Improve Road Safety and Reduce Traffic Emissions

Space-time analytics company brings to market a ready-to-use dashboard that provides local authorities with instant data-driven traffic safety and road efficiency insights.

SCEWC 2022, Barcelona, 16 November, a Leuven-based high-tech company offering an innovative no-code geospatial platform for visualizing and analyzing vast amounts of movement and time series data, announces today the availability of its xyzt.traffic.insights™ solution.

With this latest addition to the product portfolio, the company brings a solution to market that delivers instant traffic safety and road efficiency insights to its users. The xyzt.traffic.insights™ dashboard ultimately targets to help reach zero fatalities and zero emissions.

The dashboard focuses on critical areas, such as schools, that see large amounts of heavy traffic, or roads where drivers exceed speed limits.

In addition, the dashboard enables users to look at the impact of changes in traffic circulation plans or road deviations due to events and roadworks.  

The xyzt.traffic.insights™ users can analyze, compare and share weekly trends or choose to dive deep into the data and perform their own analytics.

How will xyzt.traffic.insights help cities and municipalities?  

Improving road safety and reducing emissions are high on the agenda for policy makers at all levels. With this ready-to-use dashboard helps cities and municipalities by providing key traffic insights related to these topics.

In addition, it helps in analyzing the impact of the changes they apply. The dashboard is based on accurate and timely floating vehicle data, a new data source that obsoletes costly hardware deployments.

By signing up for the xyzt.traffic.insights dashboard, mobility and traffic departments have an instant solution with actionable insights to improve local traffic and safety.

No need to go out searching for the right data, and no need to develop, build and maintain a costly data analytics tool that can handle the vast amounts of traffic data.

Through any browser, they have access to the xyzt.traffic.insights dashboard with the information that matters to them and that helps them to take quick and safe decisions. Time and budget savings are guaranteed.

“Many municipalities cannot rely on data scientists to perform data-driven traffic and safety analysis.  At the same time, they are very well aware that data such as floating vehicle data could help them. Where in the past traffic and mobility departments had to rely on the costly deployment of traffic counting hardware, such as inductive loops or CCTV cameras, they now can consult the xyzt.traffic.insights dashboard to have instant and up-to-date insights for every road. No cables, no hardware, no waiting time to receive the results from a third party. No need for a data scientist team.”

Nick De Beer, Head of Global Business Development at

This is an easy and affordable solution for municipalities to make data-based decisions. Providing them with a dashboard that is customized to their needs, and that they can start using immediately through an easy subscription.

The xyzt.traffic.insights™ dashboard is an™ product. The company continues to evolve and innovate its platform for its users who have specific analytics requirements and who want to dive deeper in the value of combined data sources.

Find out more is showcasing its xyzt.traffic.insights™ dashboard at SCEWC 2022, Hall 2, Belgian Pavilion

Register here and find out more during the xyzt.traffic.insights webinar for municipalities that is taking place 24 November at 2pm CET.

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