’s latest platform update enables analysts to connect the dots and visually analyze movement flows with greater fidelity

Space-time analytics company has released its V2023.3 version of its Big Data SaaS platform with extended support for handling movement data such as vessel traffic, connected vehicle data, and more.

Leuven, Belgium, 16 May, a Leuven-based high-tech company offering an innovative no-code geospatial platform for visualizing and analyzing vast amounts of movement and time series data, is excited to announce the release of its latest feature update, offering enhanced capabilities to analyze and visualize movement data.

The new release introduces multi-scale trajectories, world-oriented icons, and advanced analytics, empowering users to implement accurate real-time digital twins for moving assets as well as to perform detailed and accurate replays for situational awareness and incident analysis.

Example dashboard using the newest multi-scale trajectory and world-sized icon features for accurate incident analysis. The example showcases the grounding of the Ever Given in the Suez Canal in 2021 using maritime AIS data from Spire.

Multi-Scale Trajectories for Movement Data’s platform now offers trajectories as a data representation option, enabling users to visualize movement data as lines. This novel multi-scale tiled data structure ensures the retrieval of relevant data at an appropriate level for the viewer or analyst, avoiding information overload while maintaining smooth and interactive response times. With data-driven styling, filtering, time-based filtering, and animated replays, trajectories provide improved visualizations for analyzing movement patterns, such as ships in a port or trucks navigating city centers.

World-Oriented and World-Sized Icons

Building on the trajectory feature, introduces world-oriented and world-sized icons for movement data. Users can now visualize icons with the correct data-driven orientation and dimensions based on their datasets. By incorporating information such as heading, width, length, and GPS device position, the platform accurately places icons and adapts their sizing to remain visible even when zoomed out. This feature brings precise situational awareness to intelligence analysts and offers valuable insights into the movement of various entities, including vessels, aircraft, cars, and trucks.

Advanced Analytics: Convoy Detection, Including Ship-to-Ship Transfers continues to expand its platform with advanced space-time analytics capabilities. The latest addition is convoy detection, which enables the identification of groups of entities moving together. This powerful feature has numerous applications, including ship-to-ship transfer detection in the maritime intelligence domain. Convoy detection is available as an add-on and can be obtained by contacting for more information.

“The latest feature release from represents a significant advancement in the analysis and visualization of movement data,” said Bart Adams, CTO at “Handling big data sets with hundreds of millions to billions of location points and allowing analysts to view and analyze them as lines or trajectories is not an easy task. However, the information obtained by literally connecting the dots can be extremely valuable and provide additional insights in the movement flows unlocking the full potential of connected vehicle data. We are committed to providing innovative solutions that empower organizations across industries to make data-driven decisions with ease.”

To learn more about the new features and their benefits, visit the website or consult the product documentation.


The functionality is now available to all users of the platform. Additionally, a sample project showcasing the use of multi-scale trajectories and world-sized icons for a major maritime event in the Suez Canal is available for exploration in the free trial.

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