Turns Your IoT Data into Actionable Insights at the IoT Solutions World Congress 2023

Leuven, Belgium 23 January 2023 –, a leading visual analytics SaaS platform for IoT data, is excited to announce its participation in the IoT Solutions World Congress (IOTSWC), to be held 31 January – 02 February 2023. IOTSWC is the leading international event on trends in digital transformation, based on disruptive technologies. IoT data… Read More and Xouba partner to bring time to mobility analytics down from weeks to minutes. is entering into a partnership with Xouba, an innovative Spanish road safety and mobility analytics company, to help government agencies gain insights into the main road safety issues through an efficient no-code/low-code data analysis workflow. Leuven, Belgium / Madrid, Spain  08  December 2022 –, a Leuven-based high-tech company offering an innovative visual analytics SaaS (Software… Read More

The City of Helsinki Dives Deep Into Multi-Source Data with Mobility Analytics to Improve Safety and Efficiency in the City

Space-time analytics company and partner Geo Mobility to deliver a no-code, easy to use mobility data analytics solution to the city of Helsinki SCEWC 2022, Barcelona, 15 November  2022 –, a Leuven-based high-tech company offering an innovative no-code geospatial platform for visualizing and analyzing vast amounts of movement and time series data, announces… Read More

Sharing Insights Out of Big Location Data – Adding a New Revenue Generating Pillar to Your Business

Over the past decades, we have seen a new type of business emerge in the big data industry:  DaaS companies. They operate as a SaaS company, but instead of offering Software as-a-Service, they offer Data-as-a-Service. Through online platforms and APIs, clients of DaaS companies can connect to data, query, and download the relevant parts to ingest the data into their pipelines and workflows. Examples include otonomo and INRIX that provide… Read More Exhibits at Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona [Events]

Big location data, visual analytics platform, will demonstrate its SaaS solution for smart cities during the 10th anniversary of Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona from 16-18 November. Leuven, Belgium 10 November  2021 –, a Leuven-based high-tech company offering an innovative visual analytics SaaS (Software as a Service) platform for big location… Read More

5 Rules for Data-Driven Styling to Better Understand Big Data

Data-driven styling helps people understand better what they are looking at when visualizing and analyzing data. Imagine you’re a data analyst who just spent two weeks studying a particular dataset. You cleaned up the input data, ran all the required calculations, and discovered some new groundbreaking insights. Proud as a peacock you prepare your report… Read More

Featured’s top 10 new location analytics features in release V2021.1

Pop the champagne! We’ve just released our second major platform update of 2021. We listened to your feedback and focused our development efforts on how we could help accelerate your location analytics capabilities. If you’re new to, we are a company that provides a big data location analytics platform that allows you to easily… Read More

Third-Party Data and an Easy to Use Data Analytics Tool Are All You Need to Prepare Your Data Strategy for the New Normal

External data is not (yet) a commonly used data source these days, although it can be the light at the end of the tunnel. Leuven, Belgium 26 May 2021 – Companies across industries too often still rely only on the data that is generated in-house. A lot of effort has been made to implement a… Read More

Featured Introduces Explorer. Free Version of the Leading Data Analytics Tool [Company News] announces the availability of its free trial and gives analysts working with large amounts of geospatial data access to an unparalleled performance to analyze their data. Leuven, Belgium 17 May 2021 – (, a Leuven-based technology start-up offering an innovative visual analytics SaaS platform for big location data, announces today the launch of… Read More

5 Steps to Become a Traffic Data Rockstar: How Data Providers and Analysts Can Utilize Connected Car Data [Webinar Highlights]

This blog has been written and provided courtesy of Jodi Joseph Asiag – Head of Content & Communications at otonomo. co-hosted a webinar with connected car data company, otonomo, where we showed our visual analytics platform and how data analysts and data providers alike can gain insight from location and traffic data. Bart Adams, CTO… Read More


What Mobile App Data Tells Us About The Impact of COVID-19 on a Country and its Citizens

Covid has touched every part of society and created an unprecedented challenge for governments, public health agencies, medical officials, and populations globally. has partnered with mobile tech company StartApp to create an interactive case study showing the analysis of the StartApp mobile app data, before, during, and after the lockdown in Belgium. Almost half… Read More

Need to handle billions of points of data on your mobile? can!

Leuven, 09 September, 2020 – Our CTO, Bart Adams, has recovered from the UN Global Pulse#AISHackathon, but he couldn’t wait until Feature Friday to showcase our latest feature with you. We are really proud, it’s the result of hard work in the design and implementation of our architecture and algorithms. In this video you see‘s big data,… Read More

How Platform Deals with Any Location Data

There is this saying that over 80% of all data is spatially referenced. It shows that spatial technologies are important for data-driven insight generation. But I like to take a different approach. What percentage of real-world objects (including people) is digitally referenced? Or in other words: for how many objects and people do we know… Read More