is a cloud solution for ingesting, compressing, storing, analyzing, and visualizing large space-time location data sets


INDOOR & OUTDOOR works with any location data set, from GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi, cellular triangulation data, or any other source.


FOR ANY INDUSTRY analyzes and visualizes data from any domain. Including Maritime, Aviation, Safety, and Transportation.



Built using modern cloud and web technologies, we ensure a smooth and intuitive UX, no matter the size of your data.

Use Case: Event Analytics

Indoor/outdoor location tracking at events can provide valuable insights into visitor behavior. visual analytics interface to analyze indoor location records and visit patterns at a large conference.

Use Case: Maritime Analytics

(Satellite-)AIS is a technology used to communicate and track the GPS location of vessels. We provide insights such as anomaly detection, prediction of movement, and convoy analysis.

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Convoy analysis of Maritime AIS data: extracting vessels that meet multiple times from a data set consisting of over 100 million record locations.

Use Case: Retail Analytics

Tracking the movement of shoppers in grocery stores or shopping malls allows for optimizing placement of stands and products.

Space-time analysis of shopping movements in a grocery store.


  • We understand that the power of location analytics lies in extracting insights first and allowing the user to dig further using interactive analysis.
  • Our solution is not only efficient and effective, it is also beautiful and interactive. It’s all about user experience (UX).
  • The founders are in the location analytics business for over 10 years having pioneered the first GPU-accelerated 2D/3D/4D location analytics solutions.