What Mobile App Data Tells Us About The Impact of COVID-19 on a Country and its Citizens

Covid has touched every part of society and created an unprecedented challenge for governments, public health agencies, medical officials, and populations globally. xyzt.ai has partnered with mobile tech company StartApp to create an interactive case study showing the analysis of the StartApp mobile app data, before, during, and after the lockdown in Belgium. Almost half a billion mobile data records have been used to generate the pictures and extract the insights in this story.

At StartApp, we believe that mobile tech enriches not only our daily lives but also our communities and our world. Mobile devices are people’s most personal object in today’s busy world. It is important for each mobile user to get the most fulfilling and enriching experiences. Something that makes them feel special: a “moment”. We believe these fulfilling mobile moments can only be created through a deep understanding of mobile users. That is why we have compiled an unmatched volume of intelligent mobile data insights to help you understand user behavior and needs.

When and where we use our phone can provide valuable insights, not only for ourselves but also for our society and economy. The aggregated data can provide answers to questions such as: what the impact is on our shopping behavior after changing a traffic circulation plan, what areas in a city see more elderly or young people, or which landmarks are visited by tourists from which country.

Nature recently published an article The use of mobile phone data to inform analysis of COVID-19 pandemic epidemiology where scientists confirm:

Mobile phone data remains one of the best sources of information on large-scale population behaviors1. These data can be collected in high- and low-income settings and can capture, in near real-time, changes in mobility and clustering patterns for large swaths of the population.

Wesolowski, A., Buckee, C. O., Engø-Monsen, K. & Metcalf, C. J. E. Connecting mobility to infectious diseases: the promise and limits of mobile phone dataJ. Infect. Dis. 214, S414–S420 (2016).

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