Internet of Things is used by IoT technology companies to turn sensor data into insights.

With a unique focus on spatial and temporal visual analytics, it can handle the most demanding use cases, from large sensor networks deployed across sites and cities to moving sensors onboard of connected vehicles.

By partnering with, you accelerate the monetization of your sensor investments and provide an easy visual interface to your customers for real-time insights and historical analysis.

Connect your own data stream

Link your sensor data streams to for instant visibility. Access real-time visualizations, statistics, and build monitoring dashboards. Conduct historical analysis and generate insights effortlessly. Our integration is facilitated through an OpenAPI compliant REST API, allowing seamless integration and collaboration with your preferred scripting languages, such as Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, Java, C++, and more.

For moving sensors and fixed sensors

Whether your sensor is in motion (on a vehicle, vessel, forklift, etc.) or stationary (e.g., a smart city air quality sensor), seamlessly caters to both scenarios. For moving sensors, the platform effortlessly manages multiple millions of assets, generating thousands of records daily. For stationary sensors, the platform accommodates point locations (e.g., a city sensor), area locations (e.g., measuring crowd density), and line locations (e.g., counting vehicles on a road segment).

Go beyond time series analysis stands out as a unique platform, seamlessly blending spatial and temporal analysis. Positioned at the crossroads of geospatial and time series analysis, it offers the convenience of a self-service business intelligence platform. Uncover patterns and anomalies over time, and effortlessly visualize spatial trends. Whether your sensor tech operates indoors or outdoors, is the versatile solution to meet your needs.

Monetize your data

Unlock the full potential of your sensor and data investments by integrating into your technology. Whether you're developing weather sensors for vessels, crowd sensors for airports, or movement sensors for warehouse forklifts, our platform accelerates your time to market. Seamlessly incorporating not only provides your customers with advanced visualization and analytics but also enables you to monetize your technology investments faster and more effectively than ever before.

  • Customer case

    Combining floating vehicle and traffic counting data for traffic data analysis at Helsinki

    The City of Helsinki partnered with and GeoMobility to research the different traffic and mobility data sources and use cases for data-driven analytics with the platform.
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  • Customer case

    How Crowdscan provides cities and event organizers with people flow visibility

    Crowdscan helps cities and organizations monitor and analyze people flow using innovative privacy preserving sensor technology. Learn how Crowdscan leverages the platform to provide their end users with an easy situational awareness dashboard.
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  • Customer case

    Helping municipalities and traffic agencies gain insight in heavy traffic and road safety with Bridgestone

    Bridgestone is a provider of floating vehicle data, data that includes GPS traces, data about dangerous situations such as acceleration, breaking, and cornering, and other events. By partnering with, road safety and traffic analysts can now gain easy easy insight through interactive visual analytics on these rich data sets.
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With the platform you instantly add visibility and insights to your sensor technology stack. Accelerate the path towards monetization with a platform built for spatial IoT applications.

Your benefits? Instant analytics. Easy integration.