Third-Party Data and an Easy to Use Data Analytics Tool Are All You Need to Prepare Your Data Strategy for the New Normal

External data is not (yet) a commonly used data source these days,
although it can be the light at the end of the tunnel.

Leuven, Belgium 26 May 2021 – Companies across industries too often still rely only on the data that is generated in-house. A lot of effort has been made to implement a data program, to generate and log data, put in place a data science team, and to implement data-based reporting in the processes. But …they are missing out on a lot of important info.

Covid-19 completely changed the world, digital purchasing, digital meetings and a digital workflow became common practice. Traveling took a pause, shops and restaurants closed and people all over the world start spending their time and money in a completely new pattern. As a result, all market research that was accurate 12 months ago as well as pre-Covid-19 predictive models are worth virtually nothing today.

Companies struggle to understand these new behaviors, and need to decide quickly on how to respond. Tapping into reliable third-party data such as geospatial data, mobile data or industry specific data like connected car data, will help to create value.

Organizations that integrate third-party data into their data ecosystem will be one step ahead.

Easy to use analytics tool

Customer analytics, strategic analytics and risk management will benefit from combined data analysis. Adding information on footfall, hotel and travel bookings, weather, trade flows, …  will help organizations to understand this new normal.  Understanding on how to reach and approach their customers  and changing their strategy, will help them to take better decisions and avoid financial disasters.

In addition to the third-party data, there is a need for an easy tool to quickly import all those different sources of data, visualize the data, obtain the necessary new insights and quickly report on it.  This is where comes in, with our SaaS cloud-based platform we offer an efficient solution to analyze location data at scale.

At we understand the economic importance of valuable datasets and partner with data providers that are cognizant of privacy concerns.  Together with our partners Spire Global, Otonomo and, we offer an efficient solution for the data environments of today.

You can try out the platform with sample data of our partners for free for or Contact us if you are ready to prepare your data architecture for the new normal.

Lida Joly, Founder & CEO