and Port of Antwerp to detect Anomalous Vessel Movements Using Artificial Intelligence [Partner News]

All trajectories (left) and the highly ranked trajectories (right) blue = normal, red = anomalies.

Visual analytics platform is excited to announce a collaboration with Port of Antwerp to enhance innovation and digitalization in Europe’s second-largest seaport.

Leuven 30 August 2021 –, a Leuven-based high-tech company offering an innovative visual analytics SaaS (Software as a Service) platform for big location data, announced today a partnership with leading maritime port authority, Port of Antwerp.

A port is a complex environment with a large number of movements and interactions happening every day. With a high focus on innovation, Port of Antwerp selected to help them improve situational awareness through data-driven insight generation.

Join our webinar: Detecting Anomalous Vessel Movements with AI at Port of Antwerp

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Using’s platform, Port of Antwerp can leverage artificial intelligence and data-driven machine learning to extract actionable insights from large amounts of historical vessel movements.  This not only helps to maintain a safe and secure port, but it also helps to address environmental issues in the port. For example, Artificial Intelligence (AI) can detect the likely process of illegal degassing, where tankers remove vapors from their holds while in transit. These insights can be shared with operations and port police through interactive visualization and dashboards.

“I am really impressed by the level of digitalization happening at Port of Antwerp. They are clearly at the forefront of using sensors, cloud technologies, and data science to accelerate innovation. I am also really pleased that we could bring our expertise and technology and collaborate with the top-notch data science team at Port of Antwerp.’s insights provide an efficient operational picture into what is happening and what can be improved. In Port of Antwerp’s case,’s platform can be used to detect anomalous and possibly suspicious, illegal, and hazardous behavior.”

Bart Adams, Founder, and CTO at

Six months of tanker traffic in Port of Antwerp

“From the first meeting with, we were very impressed with their visual analytics platform. It’s a fantastic toolbox that generates insights from large volumes of location data with incredible speed and efficiency. They also have a great team of experts with the right mindset and work ethic. Working with helped Port of Antwerp accelerate the transition towards a Smart and Safe Port.”

Pieter Van Bouwel, Lead Data Scientist at Port of Antwerp.

Join our webinar: Detecting Anomalous Vessel Movements with AI at Port of Antwerp

To find out more sign up for the upcoming webinar on 8 September 2021 at 15:00 CET.

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About Port of Antwerp

As Europe’s second-largest port, the Port of Antwerp is a major lifeline for the Belgian economy: more than 300 line services to over 800 destinations ensure global connectivity. The Port of Antwerp annually handles around 231 million tonnes of international maritime freight, and is home to Europe’s largest integrated chemical cluster. The Port of Antwerp accounts, directly and indirectly, for a total of around 143.000 jobs and more than €20 billion added value.

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