announces the release of V2021.1 [Product News]

AIS vessel tracks visualized on the platform creates new business opportunities for data providers and data analysts in the big data location intelligence domain now allowing its users to share and embed interactive maps of big space-time location data sets

Leuven 14 September, a Leuven-based high-tech company offering an innovative visual analytics SaaS (Software as a Service) platform for big location data, announced today their latest release with the ability to share and embed big data visualizations and analytics outside of the user’s organization.

As a big location data visual analytics platform, can analyze any movement data at scale. This includes data from connected cars, vessels, aircraft, and even indoor tracked movement data, such as crowds at large events. With the newly released features, analysts can not only create interactive visualizations and dashboards, but they can also share or embed the results with anyone outside the platform. This further accelerates the valorization of the investments made in tracking and storing large amounts of location data.  

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Over the past decades, companies such as Marinetraffic, Spire, otonomo, Wejo,, and many others, have made considerable investments in deploying infrastructure and building scalable cloud-based data-as-a-service (DaaS) platforms to gather, store, and sell the location data of anything being tracked, for example with GPS.

These data sets are huge and not easy to digest for analysts to extract business insights. With’s platform, analysts can already easily visualize and analyze billions of location records, for example, to analyze traffic in cities or congestion in maritime ports. Now, these same companies can also share their analysis in results outside their organization. This leads to new business opportunities to further valorize the data and insights. The sharing is truly interactive; the receiving party can apply custom styling and filtering to drill down or answer new questions.

Lida Joly, CEO of

Shared link functionality on the platform
The shared link feature in the platform.

Other features released in V2021.1 are as follows; users can style data in color schemes of their choice, save project states using bookmarks, perform split-view comparative analysis, create beautiful time-lapses, perform dedicated analytics including trends, time-of-day, segmentation, origin-destination, and more.

Data has many stories to uncover, but you need the right tool to navigate through the noise to find the signal. continually strives to optimize that process so its users can extract as much value as they can from their data as easily as possible.

At Spire we are very pleased with’s successful and timely delivery of the new features in the platform. It provides a new way for us to better interact with and utilize our own data. The team at Spire is excited to make use of the platform, and we look forward to seeing how develops in the future.

Fabien Guillaume, Data Product Manager at Spire.

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