The Connected Taxi [Whitepaper]’s whitepaper details how automotive and mobility companies can add monetization strategies to their taxi and ride-sharing fleet operations to obtain a competitive advantage that multiplies investments by a factor of 10.

The saying goes, “data is the new oil,” and taxi and ride-sharing companies are the new reservoirs.  

Organizations with large fleets are presented with massive data-gathering opportunities as their vehicles are constantly traveling through cities’ transportation networks. These vehicles become nodes of intelligence absorbing information about location, road conditions, air quality, and more through embedded sensors. All this information provides a picture of mobility and shows how people and vehicles move throughout a city.

This data becomes a valuable source of mobility information that can be leveraged through big data analysis to streamline fleet operations and create new revenue streams by selling this information to governments, cities, advertisers, and retailers.

The Connected Taxi whitepaper presents three business cases to expand how a taxi or ride-sharing company can create new monetization strategies.

  1. Operational business case: Fleet operations monitoring.
  2. Commercial business case: Monetizing road intelligence towards cities and governments.
  3. Commercial business case: Monetizing customer intelligence to your advertisers and other retailers.

Adopting new business models is one way to separate your taxi or ride-sharing service from the competition and gain a competitive advantage. Register here to download the whitepaper to learn about six other key pillars necessary to differentiate your company from your competition.


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