The City of Helsinki Dives Deep Into Multi-Source Data with Mobility Analytics to Improve Safety and Efficiency in the City

Space-time analytics company and partner Geo Mobility to deliver a no-code, easy to use mobility data analytics solution to the city of Helsinki

SCEWC 2022, Barcelona, 15 November, a Leuven-based high-tech company offering an innovative no-code geospatial platform for visualizing and analyzing vast amounts of movement and time series data, announces today its cooperation with the City of Helsinki and Geo Mobility to deliver a smart mobility solution that improves safety and efficiency in the city.

The City of Helsinki is at the forefront of smart mobility and wishes to keep innovating to address current and future mobility challenges.

By working with and Geo Mobility, the City of Helsinki increases its knowledge and understanding on the possibilities that these new data sources and analytics platforms bring, and to prepare for a true dynamic mobility digital twin.

This first pilot will enable the City of Helsinki to gain better understanding of available mobility and traffic data sources, local data coverage and quality, and how visual analytics can be used to extract relevant insights.

Multi-source mobility analysis

Analysts in the mobility domain increasingly rely on multi-source information for their insight generation. Being able to handle multiple data sources at once, in a common spatial and temporal reference provides tremendous benefits compared to closed-box solutions that are designed for one, and one type of data set only.

The city of Helsinki can rely on many different data sources for its data driven mobility analytics whilst still following the current privacy rules carefully.

The combination of road intelligence data, such as time series over road segments with traffic density and velocities, or floating vehicle data sets with waypoints combined in trips, road incident data such as near-crashes, or telecom data containing origin-destination information about how people move across the city, all combined with environmental data such as emission information.

With the unique no-code platform, the Geo Mobility data sources can now all be combined in an interactive easy-to-use multi-layered interface.

”The City of Helsinki is developing its traffic data capabilities. This pilot with various data sets and visual analytics provides a very interesting look at the possibilities for different use cases.”

Juho Kostiainen, Project Manager from the City of Helsinki and Mobility Lab Helsinki

The pilot is part of Mobility Lab Helsinki, coordinated by the City Helsinki and its innovation company Forum Virium Helsinki. The mobility lab enables development of smart mobility solutions through piloting and experimentation, together with the City, companies and research organisations.

“We used the platform to visualise the floating car data and telco data, and to combine them for unique insights in this project for Helsinki. The software has made it possible to dive into the data in depth and quickly conceptualise combinations of data and their use.”

Pierre Maere, Technology and Operations Manager at Geo Mobility

“We are thrilled about our cooperation with both the City of Helsinki and Geo Mobility. Being able to participate in this innovative project of the Mobility Lab Helsinki is what empowers to deliver solutions that are easy to implement, and that really help cities with the mobility challenges of today and tomorrow.”

Lida Joly, CEO at

Try it out!

Analytics of multiple sourced data sets is available to all users and can be seen in action in the free trial.

Visit at SCEWC 2022 in Barcelona 15 – 17 November ’22 – Halle 2 – Belgian Pavilion.

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