was founded to help our customers gain insight from the massive amounts of location data that they track. With founders in the location intelligence business for over 10 years, we understand our customer pains and know the opportunities that location tracking technology brings. Let your data drive your business, let us give you the insights.


We recreate your location analytics experience. From now on you can extract the most important insights from your entire dataset. Effortlessly. Instantly.


While we’re building the platform for a more optimal and efficient future, we value the following core values that guide the way we operate our business and interact with each other.


Our commitment to our customers is at the heart of everything we do. Our ability to genuinely listen, understand and meet our customers’ needs is a key differentiator and a critical success factor for our business.

INNOVATION is built on a foundation of innovation. It is at the heart of who we are and what we do for an ever changing society.


We run our operation with integrity. We always act ethically, treating everyone with honesty and respect, and we follow through on commitments we make.


Lida Joly

Lida Joly

Founder and CEO

Lida is the CEO and founder of and has over 20 years of combined experience across high tech companies. During her career, Lida has held senior leadership positions at Brooktrout Technology, Luciad and Hexagon, where she launched and branded multiple new products for the location intelligence market. Lida’s passion lies not only in data but she’s also a strong supporter of multiple diversity & women-in-tech efforts.

Bart Adams

Bart Adams

Founder and CTO

Bart is the founder and CTO of and held senior leadership positions at Luciad and Hexagon where he innovated and co-created multiple high-performance location intelligence products as former Product Management Director and Chief Innovation Officer. Bart holds a PhD Computer Science KU Leuven and a Post-doc from Stanford University. Bart is a strong supporter of diverse and inclusive work cultures.

<span style="color: #000000;" class="ugb-highlight">Nick De Beer</span>

Nick De Beer

Head of Business Development

Nick is Head of Business Development at and is responsible for sales globally, both to direct customers and to partners. Before he was global key account manager at Sitemark.

<span style="color: #000000;" class="ugb-highlight">Joe Threlfall</span>

Joe Threlfall

Director of Marketing & Partnerships

Joe is Director Marketing & Partnerships at and has over 20 years of international sales and marketing experience and has held senior positions at IHS Markit, Luciad and Hexagon Geospatial.

<span style="color: #000000;" class="ugb-highlight">Robin Stevens</span>

Robin Stevens

Head of Software Engineering

Robin is the Head of Software Engineering at Before, Robin worked for over 10 years at Luciad and Hexagon Geospatial. When he’s not implementing robust software architectures, he can be found cycling on the Flemish roads.

<span style="color: #000000;" class="ugb-highlight">Mykyta Zholkovskyi</span>

Mykyta Zholkovskyi

Front End Developer

Mykyta is Software Engineer at, specialized in front end development building beautiful and interactive user interfaces. In his spare time he loves road cycling and hanging around in his home town Antwerp.

<span style="color: #000000;" class="ugb-highlight">Mathieu Strobbe</span>

Mathieu Strobbe

External Communications Executive

Mathieu is External Communications Executive at He holds a Master’s degree in Journalism and specializes in online media.


<span style="color: #000000;" class="ugb-highlight">Nick De Beer</span>

Nick De Beer


<span style="color: #000000;" class="ugb-highlight">Thomas Dhollander</span>

Thomas Dhollander


<span style="color: #000000;" class="ugb-highlight">Eric Lafortune</span>

Eric Lafortune


<span style="color: #000000;" class="ugb-highlight">Bruno Lowagie</span>

Bruno Lowagie


<span style="color: #000000;" class="ugb-highlight">Heidi Rakels</span>

Heidi Rakels


<span style="color: #000000;" class="ugb-highlight">Ingeborg Willaert</span>

Ingeborg Willaert



Whether you want to OEM our software, resell or co-sell our products, develop new solutions or bring cutting-edge new technologies to your clients, we guarantee a mutually beneficial partnership. Together, we will disrupt legacy infrastructures and deliver unprecedented performance and scalability.

OEM – Integrate. Impress. Grow.

The OEM focused program can help you to accelerate the time-to market of your analytics innovation, or to increase the performance of your existing product with unprecedented scalability. All this while you stay focused on your core business.

Data & Technology Partners – Connect. Scale. Impress.

Our Location Data Partners and Technology Partners collaborate with us to integrate their products with and jointly develop and evangelize programs and messaging.

Resellers – Adopt. Impress. Grow.

Our Resellers on-sell licenses in specific market segments. provides our Reseller Partners with a disruptive technology to increase revenue. Resellers looking for a location analytics tool to add to their portfolio are more than welcome!

Academic – Discover. Learn. Impress.

Are you a student, an academic researcher or educator? We support our future customers today with our academic licensing offer.