the platform

A powerful self-service analytics platform to extract and share insights from anything that moves. Easily and effortlessly.

Big Data Visual Analytics Engine

Don’t worry about data sizes, we’ve got you covered. is built on a novel architecture that scales to billions of location records, while maintaining interactivity. Discover how we deal with any data.

Run on Any Device

Whether you are working from your desktop, or on-the-go on your mobile device, handles your data with the same interactivity. See it in action handling 1.5 billion location records on a smartphone.

Split View Analysis

The split screen tool allows you to navigate and look for unique insights using two maps, and two timelines. You can synchronize the maps and look for differences in time, or you can dedicate a different location to each view to compare and analyze change. There are many ways to get creative – the choice is yours. Try for yourself with the sample data sets of our data partners.

From Data To Insights

Extract the insights from your big location data using dedicated location analytics pages. This includes trend analytics, time-of-day/hour-of-day, segmentation, and origin-destination analytics.

Tell a Story with Your Data

Data has a lot of stories to tell… Create and communicate your story by building informative and beautiful dashboards combining multiple widgets including interactive maps, timelines, bar charts, and more.

Collaborate, Share, and Embed

Work with your colleagues on the same projects, and share your visualizations and analysis straight from the platform by creating and sharing links. You can even embed the interactive maps, charts, and dashboards in your own web pages or blog posts.


  • Get started in less than a day adding location analytics to your solution
  • Handle the entire chain from data ingestion to insight generation and reporting – instantly and effortlessly
  • Leverage built-in industry specific analysis, visualization, and reporting
  • Detect anomalies, find similarities, and anticipate future events.
  • Finally look at your entire data set no matter the size
  • Enjoy an interactive User Experience (UX): instantly, effortlessly, and beautiful
  • Don’t worry about implementation, operations, and maintenance. Our subscription-based SaaS model has you covered


Advanced Space-Time Visual Analytics Included Included
Split View Analysis Included Included
Area of Interest Analysis Included Included
Footfall Analytics Included Included
Trend Analytics Included Included
Origin-destination Analytics Included Included
Segmentation Analytics Included Included
Dashboarding Included Included
Sharing and Embedding Included Included
Number of Users 2 5
Data Limit 100GB 500GB
Number of Records per Data Set 250 million 1 billion
REST API Access Included Included
Licensing Model Subscription Subscription


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