Choosing the Right Architecture and Tools for Your Big Data Location Visual Analytics Needs [Whitepaper] has released a whitepaper that discusses the importance of a solid architecture necessary to build and trust software that visually analyzes big location data sets. The paper dives into the architectural considerations and how has approached them. 

When you build something, the most crucial part is the foundation. If you build a house, you want to sleep, rest assured that the walls won’t collapse overnight. In the case of technology, the quality of the foundation of your project is determined by what considerations went into the architecture of your project and how those considerations have been constructed into reality. 

Today, many technologies visualize and analyze (location) data, but how can you decide which one is best? What should you pay attention to and why? What features are the most important? has outlined three key design considerations that have shaped the platform into what it is today.

The architecture for big location data

  1. Scalability to billions of location data points.  
  1. Interactive features that are easy to use and can handle big data sets. 
  1. Accessibility on any device. 

When trying to implement these considerations into the architecture of a visual analytics platform for location data, there are a few dimensions you need to explore and make a decision on: 

  1. Client-side versus server-side visualization and analysis 
  1. Browser-based or dedicated clients 
  1. GPU acceleration or software implementation 

In the whitepaper ‘Choosing the Right Architecture and Tools For Your Big Data Location Visual Analytics Needs‘, we further discuss these dimensions by evaluating each topic and listing pro and con arguments that provide the necessary overview to make an informed decision. If you would like to read the white paper in full, you can sign up for a copy here or click the button below.


What is important when choosing a location intelligence platform?

Learn to choose the Right Architecture and Tools For Your Big Data Location Visual Analytics Needs.