Extends Innovative Location Analytics Platform with Massive Geospatial Time Series Support [Product News]

Time series data representing five years worth of taxi trips data from New York visualized in the location intelligence platform
Five years of time series taxi trip data covering areas in New York, including information about the average taxi fare, trip distance, and number of passengers.

Location intelligence company adds the unique capability to visualize and analyze massive time series data to better understand our dynamic world.

Leuven, Belgium, 19 April, a Leuven-based high-tech company offering an innovative visual analytics SaaS (Software as a Service) platform for big temporal location data, announces today it has extended their location analytics offer by enabling no-code analysts to also visualize and analyze massive time series data.

The amount of spatially located time series data is exploding as a result of the rapid increase in the use of Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices for smart city applications, such as sensors for air quality, humidity, and noise levels. These sensors stimulate the development of intelligent systems that enable insight extraction from, for example, camera feeds to count pedestrians, bicycles, and other traffic throughout a city.

“We listened to our customers and partners, and understood they were frustrated with the lack of scalable support to handle time-varying sensor and aggregate data in a geospatial context. We took our unique approach for handling massive movement data and applied it now to time series as well.”

Bart Adams, CTO and Founder of

Hyper scalable analytics with time series data

Previously, the platform only supported data obtained over time from sensors attached to a moving asset like a car, airplane or vessel. With this new release, the platform now supports data obtained over time from non-moving sensors covering a fixed area. For example, sensors measuring the air quality or noise in a city, traffic counters on road segments, …

The new time series support is built on the same hyper-scalable analytics engine used to handle movement data, such as floating vehicle data. Therefore, analysts can work with multi-year time series containing multiple attributes per record and obtain instant response during their analytical tasks.

For IoT companies, the platform is now the go-to platform for easy data analytics integration by offering powerful geospatial time-series visualization and analysis for their sensor data. The data platform enables IoT companies to address a wider range of opportunities towards cities, governments, and other organizations.

For no-code analysts, the platform now supports and combines a wider range of data sources. This enables analysts to bring together movement data sources with time series data to obtain a full 360-degree understanding.

“Our world is dynamic, not static. Handling the temporal dimension well is extremely important, also in a geospatial context. Just looking at single snapshots in time, as you have to do with other tools, does not give you the full understanding of what is happening and what is driving change. With you can see and understand the real trends, instantly, without having to write a single line of code.”

Lida Joly, CEO and Founder of

The introduction of time series data is a huge step for This upgrade of the platform reflects the growth of the product and its intent to provide the go-to intelligence platform for no-code spatial and temporal analytics at scale. The new feature is available from today to all platform users.

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