Meet Partner – Atanu Sinha, CEO of Altz Technologies [Interview]

Hi Atanu, can you introduce yourself and tell us something about what you do?

Hi, my name is Atanu Sinha. I live in Gurgaon, India. I am a Mechanical Engineer and the Founder and CEO of Altz Technologies. I started my career in the Engineering, Procurement and Construction industry and later transitioned to the IT sector where I’ve held various leadership positions. Now, I’m leading Altz Technologies where we help our customers actualize their digital strategy by adopting modern-day techniques and providing excellence in engineering and data visualization technologies.

What industries do you focus on?

At Altz Technologies, we’re riveted on Industry 4.0, where we combine Location Intelligence with IoT, Deep Learning, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. We develop and offer our own solutions and services, but also integrate existing tools.

Our team is focused on harnessing the power of location intelligence coupled with the latest technologies in industries like Defense and Intelligence, Environment and Climate Change, Urban Monitoring and Infrastructure and Government.

How do you contribute to your industry? Who does your company work with?

Today, geospatial technology is seeing an unprecedented growth in both the number of data sources and the ways to use the information. This explosion has been noticed by industries in several non-traditional verticals. They see the important value offered by location intelligence and are actively seeking to incorporate it in their operations.

Analyzing data using a geographic information system within businesses is becoming a critical core strategy for successful decision-making in an increasingly competitive global economy. To realize the organizational development goals, geospatial information needs to be made freely available to all stakeholders in a timely manner.

Location data combined with data analytics is bound to create interesting opportunities for a lot of companies as the process to visualize and analyze location data becomes very easy and powerful. At Altz Technologies, we’re excited to realize this change and offer this potential to our customers. Therefore, we have a strategic partnership with location intelligence company and, together, we thrive to provide big data intelligence to our customers.

“Analyzing data using a geographic information system within businesses is becoming a critical core strategy for successful decision-making in an increasingly competitive global economy.”

Atanu Sinha, CEO of Altz Technologies

What do you love about working in your industry?

Various industries are now realizing the importance of the “where” question. It has become evident that geospatial technology plays an increasingly critical role in not only how we understand our world, but how we interact with the environment around us. However, with this technology comes great responsibility. 

Today, the challenges of modern geospatial technology have created demand for leaders who understand the technical needs along with latest technology trends useful for their organizations. As a result, the qualities of effective geospatial leaders and managers have expanded to include softer skills revolving around the ability to adapt to this dynamically changing world.

At Altz Technologies, we empower and encourage our ecosystem to act dynamically and provide immense and continuous learning and growing opportunities, which further enable our resources to innovate and instill an entrepreneurial mindset.

What important truth relative to your industry do very few people agree with you on?

I think the art of being able to stay ahead of the technology and challenge the status quo to make a more organized data set. Honestly, I feel there are silos of information lying across organizations and all thanks to big data though, but there needs to be technology that should be able to make this data more useful, concise, and readily available for use.

What inspires you?

The opportunity to challenge the status quo, connecting the dots and making a difference in the industry. By utilizing location intelligence, we are trying to enable efficient usage and allocation of resources, people, money, assets, and information. Geospatial technology has started to gain momentum with the tech-savvy generation, offering pathways to better economic conditions, sustainable development, quality of life and improved governance.

The amount of geospatial data we collect grows every day. This constant stream gives us the raw materials we need to derive meaningful insight for making informed decisions. It’s being used to bring in improvisation across various industries including smart housing, smart transportation, infrastructure management, asset management, utilities, and disaster prevention. When it comes to citizen-centric services, people are no longer complacent doing things the old-fashioned way.

The Altz Technologies team with Founder and CEO Atanu Sinha on the left.

If there is one thing people should know about your industry, what would that be?

What was once considered to be merely tools for the scientific community is now effecting everyone’s life. Whether it’s food delivery, cab, driving direction to weather trends to simply getting your utilities to your doorstep, each one is using location information. Your decisions are influenced by location and its relevance.

Today, we have accelerated our adoption towards targeted applications to solve business problems and taking informed decisions rather than evaluating software based on features and functions.

What would you like to see differently in your industry?

Enterprises require simple solutions for the process of generating, managing, and analysing and transforming location information, which translates this data into actionable and authoritative intelligence to significantly improve decision making at the place where it matters the most.

It must change the way this industry has been perceived as well as how it has marketed itself. It needs to go beyond the licenses and data in isolation to the application driven ecosystem. We need to develop an ecosystem that creates targeted apps which exploit the power of mobile and provides edge computing, cutting across domains. The value that this industry creates for businesses needs to be translated into exponential growth as well as a larger pie in every business proposition.

How did you end up partnering with How did you get into contact with each other?

With partnership, their portfolio enhances our offerings and compliments our solutions as well as target market segments. A solution that brings order to chaos and ambiguity with smart analytics. A solution that is truly smart and touches many dimensions as their names signifies. We look forward to bring forth the flexibility of the product with scalable visualization techniques to real-time analytics and dynamic decision-making.  

What makes stand out to you? Why do you think its product is important for the industry?

Just like the name of the company, the reason for our association with them is also multidimensional.  We are with not only because of the very product and the questions it answers, but also because of the team. They understand the space and the customer needs and align their requirements with the technology in use. A team and product that is agile and futuristic, continuously working towards not only to address what should be but also what needs to be.

It’s always nice to end these interviews with something more about you. What are you passionate about outside of work?

An avid reader and a nature lover, I enjoy long drives, catching up with friends and family whenever time allows.

If you could listen to only one music album for the rest of your life, which one would it be?

Though specifying one album will be difficult, I connect with Rock Band – “Gensis” as well as “Dire Straits”