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Time flies. During the second quarter of 2022, we won a maritime collision avoidance challenge organized by INEOS Belgium and Port of Antwerp-Bruges. We also released a major new product feature to support massive geospatial time series data, and a lot more!

It’s that time again … for you to catch up.

Welcome to the Insider! Every quarter we present a quick overview of what we have been up to. In this June edition you will find out more about:

  • A novel maritime collision avoidance system we worked on together with Securitas and Bolesian.

  • How we now help our users benefit from static IoT devices that collect massive time series data.

  • How we introduced no-code mobility analytics software to city authorities at leading mobility events.

  • And a lot more!

Maritime Collision Avoidance Challenge

Deurganckdok at Port of Antwerp with the INEOS Phenol jetty for which proposed a maritime collision avoidance system.

Location intelligence company presented an innovative collision avoidance system in partnership with Securitas and Bolesian during an innovation challenge organized by the multinational chemical company INEOS and leading port authority Port of Antwerp-Bruges.

The novel safety system “Officer on Watch” detects possible dangerous situations at an early stage and warns the crew at the INEOS jetty at the Deurganckdok in Port of Antwerp.

Read more about this innovative solution and how it was put together.

Massive Geospatial Time Series Data

Taxi time series data visualized in the location intelligence platform

Location analytics software company adds the support of massive geospatial time series data to the platform to better understand our dynamic world.

The amount of spatially located time series data is exploding as a result of the rapid increase in Internet-of-Things technology for smart city applications, such as sensors for air quality, humidity, and noise levels.

Learn more about why this unique capability offers great opportunities to learn from big data.

Business Intelligence for Vessel Builders and Operators

Vessel at a port to exemplify the mini book with maritime use cases for data analytics.

Spatio-temporal data will soon play a core role in the shipbuilding and -operating industry. We discuss five business cases to gain a competitive edge using data analytics.

  • Global and local fleet monitoring 
  • Ocean wave analysis 
  • Competitive analysis 
  • And more

Sign up now and read the five business intelligence use cases to gain a competitive edge.

Meet the Team – Nick, Head of Business Development

INick De Beer sitting in a sofa.

Get to know the people behind the technology!

Meet Nick De Beer,’s Head of Global Business Development.

Nick talks to us about challenges in the tech startup world and what it takes to be successful at business development.

Follow our conversation and get to know Nick.

Meet Partner – Atanu, CEO of Altz Technologies

Atanu Sinha and the rest of the Altz Technologies team in India

Last year Altz Technologies joined our partner program.

They represent our location intelligence software in India.

We had an interesting chat with Atanu Sinha, CEO of Altz Tech.

We discussed the geospatial technology industry and what inspires him to make a change.

Read our conversation with Atanu.

No-Code Mobility Software for Smart Insights

Floating car data visualized in the location intelligence platform to illustrate our attendance at the polisMOBILITY and ITS European Congress event.

We revealed our latest product release at the first edition of this up-and-coming mobility event in Cologne, Germany.

Read more about our attendance at polisMOBILITY.

We presented our no-code mobility analytics platform at the most prestigious event for smart mobility.

It was a pleasure to illustrate how city authorities can easily gain insights out of mobility data.

Read more about our attendance at ITS European Congress.

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