’s Latest Platform Update Empowers Analysts to Extract Insights from Multiple Data Sets at Once

Space-time analytics company has released its V2022.6 version of its Big Data SaaS platform with extended support for handling multiple spatio-temporal data sets at once. 

Multi source maritime data visualization with AIS and ocean wave data to measure the effects on waves on a ship's trajectory and speed.
Maritime AIS data combined with ocean wave data to measure the effect of waves on the trajectory and speed of a vessel.

Leuven, 24 October, a Leuven-based high-tech company offering an innovative no-code geospatial platform for visualizing and analyzing vast amounts of movement and time series data, announces today that its platform has seen a major re-design and upgrade to better handle multiple data sets at once during analysis. 

Analysts in the mobility, traffic, maritime, and intelligence domains increasingly rely on multi-source information for their insight generation.

Being able to handle multiple data sources at once, in a common spatial and temporal reference provides tremendous benefits compared to closed-box solutions that are designed for one, and one type of data set only. 

Users of the platform can now attach any number of data sources to a project and easily analyze them in a common 4D reference.

The user interface has been re-designed and streamlined for better handling multiple data sets at once, allowing users to interact with dozens of layers of data on the maps, timelines, and widgets

Multi-source mobility analysis 

Being able to handle multiple data sources and correlate information in a visual and informative way is important for today’s mobility analyst who must deal with many different data sources.

This includes road intelligence data, such as time series over road segments with traffic density and average velocities, or floating vehicle data sets with waypoints combined in trips, road incident data such as near-crashes, or telecom data containing origin-destination information about how people move across a country. 

With the platform, these data sources can now all be combined in an interactive easy-to-use multi-layered interface

Multi-source maritime analysis 

Also in the maritime domain, multi-source intelligence and situational awareness is important. Think about analyzing a vessel journey and behavior in combination with the ocean environment. Data sets with weather information, ocean information, and vessel IoT data need to be easily combinable in a single common situational picture.

With, analysts can now look and understand all parameters at once, even for multiple large spatio-temporal data sets covering multiple weeks of information. 

“We listened to the feedback of our users and carefully designed and implemented new interaction workflows and interfaces to handle multiple data sets at once. This was not an easy task, as data sets not only differ by the type of information they contain, but also possibly by the spatial and temporal reference that need to be handled properly in a correct common reference frame.”. 

Dr. Bart Adams, CTO & Founder at


The functionality is now available to all users of the platform and can be seen in action in the free trial

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