Full Stack Developer


We are looking for an experienced Full Stack (Java + Typescript) Developer passionate about designing, building, deploying and maintaining scalable high-performance cloud software.

Business Development Executive


We are looking for an experienced Business Development Executive who is sales driven and has an hunting mindset. You love to work in a start-up environment and are not afraid of a fast-paced, entrepreneurial environment.

Sales Development Representative


We are looking for an experienced Sales Development Representative who doesn’t take no for an answer to help us expand our global market reach. You love to work in a start-up environment and are not afraid of a fast-paced, entrepreneurial environment.


We’re a dedicated team of engineers, marketeers, business minds, and strategists building the platform to help our customers gain insight from the location data that they track.

We’ve architected the foundational parts of the platform and are now poised for radical growth; we’re looking for diverse team members to build the next layer together. Whether you’ve spent decades as an expert or are new to the space, we’re looking for curious people who love to work in a great team, in a flat structure with unlimited room to grow.


We founded because we believe traditional location analytics solutions come short in two areas: (1) They focus on visualization first, and analytics second. While the data is becoming so vast, that we believe automated data-driven analytics and insight generation should be the priority. (2) Traditional solutions break down when reaching over 100 million data points.

The core team worked up their careers in various data technology multinationals. With our data background, we made it our mission to not just build a tool, but to build a scalable data-driven tool, to enable organizations to take the best possible decisions.


Location location location. It’s all about location. This is true in almost all domains and technology is available to track the location of assets and people. It is our mission that the users of such technology can finally extract the insight that is often buried in the data. The insights that then drive business processes and operations. We provide the technology to do so, relieving our customers from the burden of handling the large amounts of data.


While we’re building the platform for a more optimal and efficient future, we value the following core values that guide the way we operate our business and interact with each other.


Our commitment to our customers is at the heart of everything we do. Our ability to genuinely listen, understand and meet our customers’ needs is a key differentiator and a critical success factor for our business.

INNOVATION is built on a foundation of innovation. It is at the heart of who we are and what we do for an ever changing society.


We run our operation with integrity. We always act ethically, treating everyone with honesty and respect, and we follow through on commitments we make.


We want a great diverse team, with talent and ego in negative correlation. 

Therefore, we look for incredibly smart and radically pragmatic people. Our team members have a range of cultural, ethnic, social, and economic backgrounds. We prioritize the progression, growth, and leadership of individuals from all backgrounds and strongly believe in the value of cultivating a diverse team. We encourage people of all backgrounds to apply.

  • Builders: We obsess about building a great product, valuing thoughtful strategy combined with tight execution. We care about the details, ask why, and solve tough problems together.
  • Learners: People learn best when they are surrounded by talent and support. We want people who are always learning and constantly seeking to stretch themselves. A strong work ethic and grit is at the core of our team.
  • Diverse perspectives: We believe individuals who bring different viewpoints build better products and teams. Differing ideas and thoughts lead to innovative solutions and a more rewarding workplace.
  • Fire: Being excited about your work is contagious. We’re looking for people who don’t only want to build a great product, but want to help grow a great company together, all-in on our technology, our culture, and our play.
  • Default to Open: We thrive in more communication over less. Effective communication, whether it’s face-to-face or in Teams, is the key to how we work as a team and company.


Bart and Lida are a winning, inspirational duo. Lida is laser-focused and helps bring out the best in her team, challenging them to deliver quality results. Bart is an innovator and problem solver for whom there are no problems, only solutions. In terms of professional development, you cannot go wrong working alongside these two individuals – they will only elevate you and help you grow in your professional endeavors.

Stefan Bellm, worked with Bart and Lida as Market Strategy Manager 2014 – 2017