Monitoring and analyzing People Flow has gained increasing importance over the past years. Smart Cities and Retailers need to better understand the changes in footfall in their shopping outlets and streets to adapt to quickly changing visitor patterns. Event organizers, both indoor and outdoor, need to monitor crowds and avoid overcrowding and unsafe situations and ensure a good level of comfort.

People flow data is available through telecom, mobile device, and tracking technologies such as WiFi, Bluetooth, Computer Vision, and Ultra Wideband to name a few. Using the data for monitoring and insight generation is a challenge due to the constraints around data privacy and the sheer amount of data. Luckily an easy tool exists.


The partnership with provides an easy and simple tool to access our mobile data platform and better understand audiences. Mobile data signals at scale are key for today’s strategic planning and execution

Gil Dudkiewicz, CEO

Turn people flow into valuable insights, instantly

Extracting actionable insights from people flow data is difficult due to the large amounts generated daily. With, you don’t have to worry about data size or difficulty of integration. Simply upload your CSV files through a drag ‘n’ drop function or the REST API, and start extracting footfall and segmentation insights from day one. No need to lose time on implementing custom developments or algorithms yourself. Apply the various interactive features to find the insights you need and discover what you not yet have thought of. 

Try for free and experience the interactive scalability and ease-of-use of the platform. 

Compatible with mobile device data from, Foursquare, Datonics, or any other data provider.

The platform adapts to your data and metrics. Easily ingest months or years of mobile device data from any location data provider. As long as your data records consist of a longitude, latitude, a timestamp, and attributes, we can handle it.  

Discover how we deal with any location data.

From footfall to segmentation to origin-destination analysis

Gain additional people flow insights using’s built-in analytical pages, such as Origin Destination Analytics, Trend Analytics, and Distribution Analytics. Measure and analyze the changes in footfall traffic and segment your visitors according to the different groups in the data. Leverage the power of location and discover insights at the scale of an office building, event, an entire city, a country, or even at global scale. 

Read more about’s top location analytical features.  

We take care of security and privacy

At, we value trust and understand the importance of protecting security and privacy. All uploaded data is stored securely and encrypted at rest. Data is anonymized and you are in full control of the levels of aggregation to hide identifiers in space, time, and for any attribute in the data. 

Contact us to learn more about how protects privacy.

Extract insights cloud-hosted or on-premise

Choose how you want to leverage the power of location data. We store your data, host the platform, and provide big data visualizations and interactive analytics as a cloud-based solution. If you prefer to use the platform on your own infrastructure, we provide on-premise as well.  

Read more about how works or contact us to discuss your location analytical requirements.  

Build a dashboard, embed, and share your insights with the world

Data has many stories to tell. enables you to build interactive dashboards with widgets displaying maps, timelines, dedicated pages, bar charts, and more. Using a special link, you can share your dashboard or any other analytical page on the platform with your colleagues, stakeholders, clients, or whoever you like. You can even embed your insights as an interactive feature on your own platform or website.

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Learn how the platform is used to analyze footfall traffic and perform visitor segmentation analytics using mobile device data from

Why choose

With the platform you gain immediate insight into the flow and segmentation of people. Whether it is to monitor an event in real-time or perform retail visitor analytics on historic data, the platform handles the billions of data points while providing a beautiful, insightful, and interactive visual experience.


Try and explore for yourself. Our free trial comes with pre-packaged projects including an example people flow trips data set from INRIX.


  • Get started in less than a day adding location analytics to your solution
  • Handle the entire chain from data ingestion to insight generation and reporting – instantly and effortlessly
  • Leverage built-in industry specific analysis, visualization, and reporting
  • Detect anomalies, find similarities, and anticipate future events.
  • Finally look at your entire data set no matter the size
  • Enjoy an interactive User Experience (UX): instantly, effortlessly, and beautiful
  • Don’t worry about implementation, operations, and maintenance. Our subscription-based SaaS model has you covered


  • Retail Analyst – extract insights from day 1 on visitor traffic and segmentation
  • Smart City & Event Analyst – monitor crowds in real-time or provide insights afterwards
  • System Integrator – build solutions and systems for people flow tracking using a ready-to-use and scalable backend and frontend



It takes an average data scientist 3 months to start extracting location-based insights from mobile device data. Skip the line, and deliver insights from day 1.


Focus on finding your insights benefiting from the most powerful Big Data visualization and analytics tools. Away with having to implement your own cumbersome algorithms, data analysis pipelines, and data visualization components.


Use not only to analyze and find insights, but also to report and disseminate your findings, with your co-workers, or with a wider audience. Straight from the platform with shareable links and beautiful and meaningful interactive reports.