The Maritime Industry is facing a decade of challenges. Changes in environmental regulations, de-carbonization of shipping, and geopolitical instabilities have a large impact. Illegal, Unreported, and Unregulated (IUU) fishing remains a huge problem. After many years of decline in maritime piracy, a rise is expected again as a result of the global economic crisis.

On the upside, there are large opportunities driven by technological innovations. Terrestrial and Satellite Automatic Authentication System (AIS) are augmented with dynamic AIS to track and monitor vessels. Satellite image surveillance revisit rates are increasing together with improved resolution and detail. Weather monitoring and forecasting is increasingly more accurate as well. And IoT & Big Data technologies are available to collect, fuse, analyze, and visualize these different data sources for increased situational awareness, improving maritime efficiency and safety.


I’ve been analyzing AIS data for a long time now, and this tool is just incredible with how easy it makes it to not only analyze data but to visualize the analysis as well and to do a dynamic on-demand analysis of very large volumes of data, it’s truly unique in its capability.

Mark Deverill, Global Operations Manager Spire

Instantly analyze months of maritime traffic data, not just the current situation

Don’t worry about data sizes, we’ve got you covered. The platform is built on a novel architecture that effortlessly scales to billions of maritime data points, while maintaining a fast update rate for its interactive features. This combination enables big data exploration at the speed of thought for you to gain insights into maritime trends, changes, patterns, … beyond the current situation.

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Compatible with maritime data from any vendor such as Spire, ExactEarth, Orbcomm,… or bring your own data!

Using, you can easily upload your own IoT vessel data or any maritime location data from any data vendor. For example, the platform is fully compatible with dynamic AIS, terrestrial, satellite, and IVEF data from Spire, ExactEarth, Orbcomm, Saab, or any other maritime data vendor for that matter.

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Gain additional maritime insights using built-in analytical pages

Obtain new perspectives on your maritime location data.’s dedicated pages enable you to analyze maritime trends, distributions, and movement pattern changes to answer questions, such as: How is your port performing? Where does traffic come from? How is the waiting time in anchorage zones affected? What global routes are taken by your competitors? What is the change in origins of travel?

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Put your data in context by adding weather, ocean wave, ECDIS, or any background layer

Context is crucial to understand the big picture. Gain situational awareness by combining your maritime tracking data with other (temporal) data sources that help you understand and explain the situation. From NetCDF weather, ocean, climate data to aerial imagery to ECDIS charts, to ESRI maps. Combine multiple layers of data for a more enriched analysis. All within a common spatio-temporal view.

Read more about how visualizes atmospheric data.

Discover actionable insights from aggregate heatmaps to individual vessel trajectories

Overview first, detail later.’s analytical engine empowers you to analyze the big picture as well as micro movements. Analyze your maritime data by visualizing and comparing aggregate statistics, for example heatmaps, or zoom in to individual vessel trajectories. Analyze time series data and replay to understand every single movement.

Discover how detects anomalous vessel movements at Port of Antwerp.

Build a dashboard, embed, and share your insights with the world

Data has many stories to tell. enables you to build interactive dashboards with widgets displaying maps, timelines, dedicated pages, bar charts, and more. Using a special link, you can share your dashboard or any other analytical page on the platform with your colleagues, stakeholders, clients, or whoever you like. You can even embed your insights as an interactive feature on your own platform or website.

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Learn how the platform is used to visually analyze detected anomalous vessel movements at Port of Antwerp, the second largest seaport of Europe.

Why choose

With the platform, the Maritime Data Analyst can finally handle multiple billions of records and still maintain interactive update rates. This means the analyst can look at vessel traffic over global regions as well as over multi-year time periods. In addition to querying, filtering, and visualizing the data, the platform provides advanced analytics capabilities such as analyzing and segmenting vessel traffics between multiple regions.


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  • Get started in less than a day adding location analytics to your solution
  • Handle the entire chain from data ingestion to insight generation and reporting – instantly and effortlessly
  • Leverage built-in industry specific analysis, visualization, and reporting
  • Detect anomalies, find similarities, and anticipate future events.
  • Finally look at your entire data set no matter the size
  • Enjoy an interactive User Experience (UX): instantly, effortlessly, and beautiful
  • Don’t worry about implementation, operations, and maintenance. Our subscription-based SaaS model has you covered


  • Maritime Data Analyst – finally be able to analyze large maritime data sets
  • System Integrator – build solutions and systems for Maritime Agencies and Port Autorities to handle large maritime data sets



No more down-sampling or reduction of data with the risk of loosing the needle in the haystack. Instead, analyze the original maritime location data in its entirety, covering large regions and long time periods. To gain full understanding of the current and past Maritime picture.


Focus on finding your insights benefiting from the most powerful Big Data visualization and analytics tools. Away with having to implement your own cumbersome algorithms, data analysis pipelines, and data visualization components.


Use not only to analyze and find insights, but also to report and disseminate your findings, with your co-workers, or with a wider audience. Straight from the platform with shareable links and beautiful and meaningful interactive reports.