The Mobility Industry is undergoing a rapid transformation. Multi-modal data-driven solutions are replacing and augmenting existing mobility solutions. New mobility, last mile, and micro-mobility are important concepts in any Smart City mobility strategy: mobility is not just about car traffic anymore.

Data plays an increasingly important role: Mobile device and connected vehicle data (including from bikes, steps, cars, and trucks) is being gathered and becomes available for smart mobility analysis and planning. With you have the easy tool to get your job done.


Partnering with is a great opportunity for transportation professionals to gain access to a diverse and comprehensive set of data analytics tools to help them explore and leverage the rich, multi-layered connected vehicle data Otonomo provides. As a visualization partner, can help our data consumption partners build solutions quicker and provide quality visualizations for their moblity and transporation-focused solutions.

Asaf Weisbrot, Chief Commercial Officer at Otomono

Traffic & mobility analysis from floating car data and more

Connected cars are the new sensors on the road. Nowadays every road, every crossing, every highway is sensed continuously using connected cars. Billions of data points are generated daily and ready for you to use for analysis. The platform easily visualizes these vast data sets and enables you to add new mobility and people flow data to gain a complete understanding of your entire mobility situation.

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Compatible with data from Otonomo, INRIX, HERE, Wejo, Tomtom, Streetlight Data,… or use your own data format! adapts to any data and is compatible with Floating Car data, Trips data, Events data, … from all data providers. Determine which attributes you need and take your data live in one day. You can also use your own custom format after processing the data with your own algorithms.

Discover how deals with any type of location data.

Gain additional mobility insights using built-in analytical pages, such as Origin Destination Analysis provides you with multiple dedicated built-in pages to analyze traffic patterns, trends, distributions, and pattern changes in your mobility data. Where does traffic come from and go to? What areas indicate high speeds? Empower your analysis and approach your data set from new perspectives by analyzing local and global travel patterns and changes using intuitive on-map Origin Destination analytics, Trend analytics, or Distribution charts.

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Put your data in context by adding aerial imagery, street layers, weather data, and more

Gain situational understanding by combining multiple mobility data sources with contextual layers of data, such as aerial imagery, street layer data, weather data, or atmospheric data. Learn to connect the dots and discover if you can spot patterns between multiple data sets.

Read more about how visualizes atmospheric data.

Share your insights with policy makers, press agencies, and your citizens or audience

Data has many stories to tell. Build beautiful interactive dashboards with widgets displaying maps, timelines, dedicated pages, bar charts, and more. Share your insights using a publicly shared link or embed your stories and visualizations into your own platform or website.

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Don’t worry about privacy

Using the platform, data is encrypted at rest and is never sent to the frontend. We handle all data analytics and visualizations server-side. Configure aggregation levels and hide identifiers to avoid analysis of individual trips.

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Learn what connected car data is and how it can be used for mobility and traffic insight generation.

Why choose

With the platform, the Mobility Analyst can finally directly work with floating car and trips data, handling billions of records and still maintain interactive update rates. This means the analyst can look at traffic over global regions as well as over longer time periods. In addition to querying, filtering, and visualizing the data, the platform provides advanced analytics capabilities such as corridor analytics and origin destination analytics.

Answer questions in seconds instead of having to build complex algorithms and data pipelines. Simply drag ‘n drop your data and get started in minutes. Share your insights immediately and answer difficult mobility questions on-the-spot.


Try and explore for yourself. Our free trial comes with pre-packaged projects including a floating vehicle trips data set from INRIX.


The solution enables our customers to quickly and easily use INRIX data for traffic-related analysis purposes and to immediately gain important insights for planning purposes without any programming effort. is the perfect complementary tool to INRIX’s proposition.

Holger Hochguertel, Director Sales & Business Development at INRIX


  • Mobility & Traffic Analyst – finally be able to use floating car and mobility data with ease
  • System Integrator – build solutions and systems for Mobility, Intelligent Traffic Systems, and Smart City



Analyze the global traffic and mobility situation. Finally a tool that can handle floating vehicle data directly for billions of records. Analyze any traffic and mobility situation without the need to leave your desk.


Focus on finding your insights benefiting from the most powerful Big Data visualization and analytics tools. Away with having to implement your own cumbersome algorithms, data analysis pipelines, and data visualization components.


Use not only to analyze and find insights, but also to report and disseminate your findings, with your co-workers, or with a wider audience. Straight from the platform with shareable links and beautiful and meaningful interactive reports.